Step On The Garbage So You Don’t Have To Take It Out

by Mr. Lazy

In case your trash can at home looks like this one to the left, avoid taking it out for one more day (or hour) by giving it a good stepping on. Keep your shoes on for this one and just step down as hard as you can to compact the trash. You can often create up to 30% more space with this little trick.

You’re also helping the environment a tad by saving some plastic bags and making more efficient use of the space in the trash and on to the landfill. Most importantly however, is you are leaving the duty and hassle of tying up the garbage and taking it out to your little sister.

Spending energy now so you don’t have to later is what laziness is all about. Leaving work for the next guy? Yeah, that’s being lazy too.

Got any other ways to be lazy with trash – and I don’t mean your friend Tony – let us know in the comments!

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deniz May 22, 2007 at 9:31 am

yeah, your little sister used to do all the work! … she told me. 😀


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