Speak The Mantra: Can’t Be Bothered

by Mr. Lazy

Often times we lazies want to simply say “I don’t want to do that” but are often met with the response of, “why not?” Since laziness has such a stigma associated with it, we can give a classy response, feel in control, and put pressure on the other person for inconveniencing us.

Speak and let the mantra, “I can’t be bothered” (or CBB for short). Try it next time someone asks you why you’re not cutting the grass, cleaning the bathroom, or feeding your baby. “I can’t be bothered”, with a simple nose turn up will get those pesky do-gooders off your back.

…and you can get back to the couch. Use it and abuse it today and let us know how it goes, if you can be bothered to leave a comment.

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