How To Get Someone Else To Pack For You

by Mr. Lazy

The whole part about traveling except the “fun” is a major pain in the waa-zoo. First there is getting time off, saving money (hopefully), booking the flight…ah! Packing is the biggest pain since the lazy tend to leave it to the last minute.� Be warned however: most of these tips apply to men only and pray upon the good-natured and loving maternal instincts of women.

  • Start talking about your trip early – You and I both know that you’re not packing your bags. Find the people in your life who enjoy planning and start mentioning your grand adventure. They’ll begin the mental planning process so you won’t have to! In fact, they will begin to fret as the travel day approaches and you still haven’t found your suitcase.
  • Pack in front of your mom or significant other – If you have no clue what to take and how to arrange it these people will get so fed up with your ineptitude they might pick up the job for you. Best to load up the suitcase in the most inefficient way possible to coax the other party into emptying it out of disgust and reorganizing everything.
  • Tell your wife you don’t know what to wear – Mention the word “matching” to a woman and a beast will be unleashed. The nice party about this trick (if it works) is that your wife will most likely begin to pick stuff out for you and you don’t even have to find the cloths to fill the bag up with!
  • Be whiny – It works if you’re cute. Ugly people…not so much.
  • Make the excuse that you are having trouble packing because “I’m going to miss everyone soooo much, especially you honey” -I feel a bit icky after writing this, but I’m ok since I’ve never tried this (*cough cough*) never (that I can remember).

This list can and will grow in later posts – any other ideas hit a lazy bitch man up in the comments!

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