Fill Your Coffee Pot With Clean Cups, Not The Coffee Pot

by Mr. Lazy

Most of us who drink coffee make a fresh pot in the morning. In the hazy fog of sleep, we usually refill the coffee maker by filling the coffee pot with water. Filling the coffee maker with water from a clean glass each time can save you time and keep your coffee tasting good.

The coffee pot is filled with coffee each morning and every time you fill your coffee machine from water with it, you gunk it up. This can be remedied with vinegar, but if you’re truly lazy you’ll want to put that off as long as you can. Using a clean cup each time will effectively double the time between cleanings.

Your coffee will taste fresher too since the old coffee water won’t ruin the taste of your Starbucks beans. Unless you plan on drinking your coffee through an iStraw each time, follow this advice.

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