MBA Students, Make The Most Of Your Spare Time

by Mr. Lazy

Those of you who are already working may have a hard time building the motivation to get your MBA. The two best options, an executive MBA (usually weekends only) or a part-time degree program, will save you tuition and living expense.

BusinessWeek has ranked the top choices.

At the University of California at Los Angeles’ Anderson School of Management—our top part-time MBA program nationally—we discovered a school that challenges students to apply everything they have learned in a final project that takes them well outside their comfort zones. At Harvard Business School, one of the top executive education programs in the open enrollment category, we found an already successful program in the midst of a game-changing overhaul, with a new array of programs targeting every level of the corporate hierarchy. And over at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, our longtime No. 1 executive MBA program, we found a program where the customer is king and teamwork is part of the school’s DNA.

A full-time program can set you back more than a year’s salary and taking too much time off or in between classes can invalidate your credits. Keep in mind that – in most cases – 2 years in an MBA program can almost double your salary for a lifetime.

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