The Fast, Easy, and Healthy Omelet

by Mr. Lazy

Get nutrition and curb your appetite quickly with a few eggs, some canned veggies, and tomato sauce.

You can prepare a cheap meal by getting some omega-3 enhanced eggs, a can of corn, and some pasta sauce. Begin by coating the pan with olive oil; heat the oil for about 2 minutes on a medium burn, then add the corn (after you’ve drained the water).

Let the corn cook for about 4 more minutes – in the meantime, whip the eggs in a separate pan. Add the whipped eggs on top of the corn, and right before they are almost cooked, add a generous amount of tomato sauce.

The eggs contain protein, and the canned corn is pretty healthy (though frozen would be better, but take longer), and the tomato sauce will help protect your prostate if you have one.

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