Eat From Tupperware To Dis The Dishes

by Mr. Lazy

Despite the spike in oil prices, Tupperware (and the plastic it’s made out of) has remained fairly cheap. The small plastic containers hover around a price point where companies can advertise them as disposable.

The lazy should in fact buy a weekly stock of disposable Tupperware not only to save themselves from having to do dishes (since they can be thrown away) but to save money money as well.

Disposable Tupperware is a waste of materials and requires the burning of fossil fuels to be created. You will save money however on you electric and water bills by using them exclusively. The energy required to heat water and water used to wash dishes (and the cost of detergent) all impact the lazy person’s finances.

Disposable Tupperware can also be reused if you’re not feeling particularly lazy on a given day. Filling your drawers with them is also cheaper than by stocking up on glass plates and bowls. The extra Tupperware might also entice your to bring your lunch to work – but that’s not as easy as eating out and it’s hard to maintain a job when you’re this lazy.

[photo by: sean dreillinger]

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