Get An Extra Day To Finish Your Homework Or Work Project With Corrupted Files

by Mr. Lazy

corrupted filesInstead of getting your work done on time and sending it to your professor or boss, use the Corrupted Files to send in scrambled versions of your Mircosoft Word documents. For about $5 you can purchase a 1,2, 10, whatever-page document to buy yourself some time to actually finish the work you were supposed to do.

It’s probably going to take a few hours or days for that teacher or corporate manager to realize that the file you sent them doesn’t work (because they’re lazy too, trust me.) To make this all more believable, rename the Word file to something like, “My_Homeword.doc”. In the meantime start writing that paper!

Otherwise you’ll have spent 5 bucks stalling and failing that class or losing your job. Of course, you could just corrupt the file yourself for free but that would be too proactive. If you’re going to spend the time doing that, just finish the assignment instead.

[photo by: mandiberg]

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