3 Workouts For Your Neurons Without Reading Or Thinking Too Much

by Mr. Lazy

green brainSure reading and learning can be a real power boost for your brain, but it’s also a major drag on your slacking off. Basically since your brain is lazy too and gets more efficient doing things over and over, a few tweaks here and there can keep your mind sharp.

  1. Hack Your Brain By Switching Toothbrush Hands – Brushing your teeth in the morning with you non-dominant hand stimulates the growth of new brain cells. These new cells help make the task easier over time.
  2. Stand On One Foot – Cross your arms across your chest and stand on each foot for a minute at a time. If you’ve ever sprained an ankle you likely damaged some of the nerve endings in your foot making it hard for your brain to get a good sense of your balance. You can rebuild these neuro-receptors by doing this balancing act for a few minutes daily.
  3. Sit On a Ball – Exchange your office chair with an exercise ball to get your brain working on giving you balance and stability. This simple act of sitting on a slightly bouncy ball is not only fun and good for a brain boost, it can help you burn a few extra calories during an 8-hour workday.

Using your brain without thinking is the most efficient way to grow neurons and look stupid trying to brush your teeth with your left (or right) hand. Best not try switching your hands on the job if you work as a butcher though.

[photo by: hurleygurley]

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