Get Your Lost Cell Phone Back Without Having To Call It

by Mr. Lazy

guy on cell phone in barSave the effort of finding a lost cell phone and make it find you by adding a “!CALL IF LOST” entry on your contacts list. That way the next time you’re plastered in a bar your entire family, friends, and that old booty call won’t get woken up by a good samaratin bartender.

Make sure to include the exclamation point in front of the name !CALL IF LOST so that it’s the first entry and easy to see. Also, if you couldn’t tell already, the contact should be in all caps.

The best way to make sure you get your phone back with the least amount of effort (besides not losing it in the first place) is to setup a Google Grand Central account so you can keep tabs on your phone from your computer. To further ensure you’ll get your phone back you can try adding the word ‘REWARD’ to the contact name.

As far as what you define as reward, well, that’s all up to you.

[photo by: davidsilver]

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