Skip The Drawer Step Of Doing Dishes

by Mr. Lazy

Doing dishes has got to be the biggest hassle a lazy person can encounter. It’s a multi-step process but the house smells if you skip it.

You can remove one of those steps by simply putting in a good mix of cups, plates, and silverware in the dishwasher. Wash a full load and then use the dishes, let them all pile up after a few days, then put em’ right back in the dishwasher. Now you’ve completely gotten rid of involving the cupboards, a pretty useless step anyway. It’s like the circle of life right in your very own kitchen! (Except nothing evolves, well, there is the bacteria from the dirty food and the cockroaches).

To keep the smell down let the dishes sit in the sink and sprinkle some water on them. Don’t forget, you can even stick pots and pans in the washer because hand washing things is for people who don’t want to do nothing all day.

If you want to spend your precious 2 minutes washing pans or putting clean plates in a dark drawer then go right ahead. I’ll be eating Cheetos in front of the TV.

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