Don’t Flush Pee

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Now if you really want to take laziness to the millisecond level, don’t flush after you pee. Not only does this work at home, but public urinals too. You will save a few seconds of time after each trip to the loo.

Not only that but you won’t get sick as much (God knows where those handles have been) and save water, you won’t have to wash your hands afterwards. Since you don’t make contact with anything other than your pants and undergarments (be creative ok) you can be in and out right back to the couch or bar in no time.

Finally, you will end up saving money because well, you pee more than you poo. Of course if it is #2 time, do flush. Even laziness has its limits, plus splash back is gross. Of just stop drinking water, either way, we don’t really care.

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deniz April 30, 2007 at 10:00 am

hahahahahhaha you nasty.
I just read that to a couple of my friends. they were amused 🙂


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