Don’t Let Snail Mail Slow Down Your Life

by Mr. Lazy

Old style mail is still around and is a major distraction from picking the lint out of your bellybutton. You have to check it (or the mailman yells at you), then bring it inside and eventually read it. As if that weren’t enough you should be shredding your credit card offers, bank statements, and other sensitive information.

Queercents [via Lifehacker] has compiled a list of easy ways to stop getting paper mail you don’t want. There are several online tools, call an opt out number (1-888-567-8688), or be proactive.

If the former residents of your house neglected to fill out a ‘Change of Address Form’ or it expired, you can fill one out for them. You must fill out a card for each unique last name.

The full list has other good advice (though not for the un-lazy) – though it could get you back an average of 8 months back in the couch. That’s how long the average person will spend tearing, burning, and dealing with junk mail during their lifetime.

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