The Lazy Woman’s Guide to Reinvention

by Mr. Lazy

Middle age with it’s wisdom also brings stress, depression, and a lack of energy. For women who are feeling sluggish due to the stresses of mid-life should take Karen Karbo’s advice on reinventing yourself.


To remodel your life might mean taking a class, but never going for a degree. You will not be required to become fluent in Farsi or learn how to insert an artery stent. In other words, remodeling takes motivation, but not nearly as much as a full-scale reinvention requires.


A refurbishment is just the ticket for the short-attention-span crowd. It never entails learning a new skill, although you may be asked to do the hard work of imagining yourself as a platinum blonde or someone who can wear dreadlocks with elan. You might say, “I’m not that superficial, just overwhelmed with the thought of dumping my life to summit Everest.” But refurbishment is the re of choice for those who want the quickest return on their investment.


The successful reframist changes absolutely nothing about her life; she simply reframes the way she thinks about it.

Sounds like this is good advice for not only women, but all of us who have happened to fall into a run. Being lazy for the sake of it’s fine, but if it’s the result of depression or being in a rut your should do something about it.

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