Resize Firefox 3 AwesomeBar With A Click

by Mr. Lazy

Widen or shorten your URL bar real estate by placing your mouse in between the “AwesomeBar” and embedded Google search in Firefox 3.

Start by hovering the mouse arrow the right of the down arrow in the AwesomeBar as shown in the picture above. Your mouse should then flip to the horizontal <–> position and you can slide the AwesomeBar bigger and smaller as desired. Doing so widens and shortens the search bar in reverse at the same time.

Once your Awesome Bar learns your browsing habits well enough, this little hack will save you time by giving you better use of the embedded search tool rather than surfing over to Google or Amazon. Like one of those searches to save for later? Firefox 3, like its predecessor, lets you drag tabs between seperate browser windows.

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Harley Bernbach December 10, 2009 at 2:06 pm

I searched all over for a way to make my Firefox address bar smaller….
Your method of putting in spaces worked like a charm, and it’s very elegant.

Thank you, thank you. 🙂


Mr. Lazy December 11, 2009 at 8:46 am

Thanks Harley, I just stumbled upon it and it’s been very handy. Glad you found it useful!


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