Join The Slow Movement: TimeBanksUSA

by Mr. Lazy

Oil, food, and cost of living prices are skyrocketing but still aren’t anywhere as valuable as our time. Attorney Edgar Cahn though, is fighting for your right to be lazy.

Cahn is a leader in the “slow movement,” a national campaign that claims that speed kills. Its leaders say that Americans are so starved for time, our need for speed is destroying our health, families and communities.

To help us in our “time crisis” (or time of crisis) Cahn created TimeBanks USA.

TimeBanks members barter blocks of time known as “time dollars.” One member may, for example, buy groceries for a stranger in exchange for someone else walking their dog.

Maximizing your free time is what we’re all about since it’s vital to good health and sex. When you’re not relaxing while awake, make the most out of your naps.

[photo by: alumroot]

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June 25, 2008 at 6:01 pm

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