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5 Free Ways To Keep Kids Quiet

by Mr. Lazy

Children are the opposite of lazy. Not only are the constantly active they force you to be active as well. Fortunately for most of us, their under-developed brains allow them to be easily amused.

There are plenty of free and easy ways to keep children occupied even if you’re still sitting on the couch.

  • Count Things – Start the kids off on a scavenger hunt for small things and see how many they can find. Select unique and non-dangerous items such as vases, pairs of shoes, or doors.
  • Go To The Pet Store – This one gets you off the couch, but can be entertaining for you as well as the kids. Larger stores are better as there is more to see and you’ll burn a few extra calories walking around. You don’t need to buy anything, just look around.
  • Pop in a DVD – A classic tactic to calm children for an hour or two. It’s best to give them their own area to watch so they won’t be distracted by your snoring as you sleep.
  • Car Wash – During the warmer months the kids can have a lot of fun with water and soap. Their little bodies are well-suited to cleaning hard to reach spots like hubcaps, under car seats, and in between the front grill.
  • Bubbles – Mix soap, water, and a ring and the kids will play for hours. Bubbles are quiet, clean, and easy to make.

Mommy Tips also suggests creating mosaic animals with common household products. Children can also be taught to be energy conscious by giving them green activities around the house. Also, make separate drawers lower to the ground so kids can reach plastic utensils and feed themselves.

Of course, tag and hide-and-seek never get old as well, who knows you might even be able to be lazy if you find a good hiding spot.

[photo by: chamz.]

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