lifting ultra light weights

Lift Ultra Light To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Workouts

by Mr. Lazy

The other day some of my usual medicine balls at the gym were missing so I had to go for some a few pounds lighter. I realized as I was wildly flailing them around that going light forced me to focus on my form.

Once you get into a lift regimen it’s widely known that varying the duration and intensity of a workout can improve your results and prevent injuries. Going ultra light will relieve you of the burden of heavy lifting and really allow you to focus on perfect form.

Focusing on perfect form readjusts your muscles to moving without making mistakes due to heavy weights. The key is to do the exercises slowly and using little force to ensure that the motion is smooth and proper. An ultra light workout will give your muscles a chance to recharge leaving you more energy when you get home and for the next day. You’ll also get a refreshing chance of pace at the gym and enjoy some lazy time even when you’re working hard.

[photo by: heffalump_hieu]

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