Mislabel Your Keys For Better Home Security

by Mr. Lazy

mislabeled keysYou can increase the security of your home easily by labeling your keys incorrectly. Attaching the label “shed” to your house key will frustrated anyone who finds the keys you’ve lost or takes them from you. Atworst you’ll have some added time to replace the locks.

If you are unfortunate enough to get robbed, mislabeling things might help hide important documents and other valuables. It’s a good idea to mislabel all sorts of things like envolopes, folders, and cabinets too. Theives are often pressed for time and the more you can stall or prolong their stay during a theft the better your chances they’ll be caught.

Anything associated with children – toys, books, clothing is a great place to hide extra money, important documents since studies have shown those are the last places crooks look.

Just don’t mislabel everything so that you can’t find your passport or unlock your front door.

[photo by: alykat]

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