How Laziness Costs You And How To Pay It Back With Laziness

by Mr. Lazy

guy asleep at deskLaziness is usually a great way to save money but Forbes Magazine published an article over the summer about how laziness is costing you. Forbes’ solution is to do more work to but of course the easiest and best solution is to get lazier. You see, working hard and then being lazy is costly, but if you start out lazy you’ll save time and money in the long run.

  • Not Choosing The Best Rate On Your Savings Account – Go to BankRate and find out where the best 1 year CD rate is and invest there. Even if you don’t feel like if you’ve got enough savings to worry about interest rates you can’t be that lazy.
  • Not Opening A Retirement Fund – Of course it all depends on what you do with that money but it’s usually not laziness that prevents people from contributing. It’s greed (or wanting a few extra bucks per paycheck).
  • Not Sending In Rebate Offers – Why not find better ways to save right off the bat like buying refurbished, waiting for price cuts before new products are ordered, or just not buying that third iPhone.
  • Not Paying Attention to 0% Deadlines – Don’t use credit. If you can’t afford it don’t buy it.
  • Waiting To The Last Minute To Send Mail – We’ve all done it so instead of mailing some documents, send them as an electronic fax from home. FaxZero has very cheap rates.
  • Not Taking Advantage of Corporate Wellness Incentives – Companies pay you to sit in a room and ignore what they’re trying to teach you. That’s not lazy?
  • Not Negotiating – Ok, no argument here.
  • OversleepingImproved memory is one reason to take a nap and daydreaming can help increase creativity so spread out your sleeping throughout the day.

In addition to this list here are 9 ways to save money instantly without doing anything…take that Forbes!

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