H1N1 May Kill You But A Good Excuse For A Week Off

by Mr. Lazy

swine fluAccording to MSN, you can take the hysteria about the swine flu (H1N1) and use it in your favor to take up to a week off from work. Even if you’ve already called in “sick” this flu season, fudging the truth with some H1N1 might give you the time you need for a break or to have some fun.’

The ploy worked for one twentysomething New Yorker, looking to get a day off work. “My brother goes to a school that had been hit really hard, and since I visited him, it was completely plausible I could get it,” says Jessica, who works in ad sales. (She didn’t want her last name used to protect her secret identity as a swine flu faker.)

“The truth of the matter was that it was a Friday, and I was nursing a serious hangover,” she continues. “Things really backfired on me, though — I work at the same company as a family friend. He called my parents saying he hoped I was feeling OK. They drove an hour to take care of me at my apartment. I had to do a full-on acting job for two full days.”

By the way – when did “twentysomething” become a word? Regardless don’t be stupid and take the day off with your friends, unlike this “twentysomething” who worried her parents half to death – and forcing them to take time off from work. Maybe that’s contagious too.

[photo by: Ben Chau]

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