6 Tips For Lazy Workers

by Mr. Lazy

sleeping on the jobCNN gives some tips for lazy workers to get ahead although they really seem like ways for lazy workers to get even lazier. The name of this site is Be Lazier so I guess it’s a perfect match.

  • E-mail can wait. No, really, it can. You don’t have to answer an e-mail the moment it pops up on your screen. < It can? Well fine then, I’ll just let the inbox pile up.
  • Saying ‘no’ won’t get you fired. If you’re drowning in work, however, telling co-workers that you just can’t get to their request right now won’t necessarily hurt you. < If you’re lazy you probably aren’t overloaded with work as it is.
  • Don’t multitask. The ability to simultaneously talk on the phone, send an e-mail and heat up the meatballs for the monthly potluck is an admirable quality but not necessarily the most beneficial. < Meatballs?
  • Give yourself a break. Literally, just get away from work for five minutes. Take a walk around the floor or step outside for some fresh air. < Lazy people have this down to an art. Walk around all you want and make the most mundane tasks take twice as long as they need to.
  • Don’t eat lunch at your desk. Eating at your desk can be an occasional necessity, either because you’re close to a deadline or you’re in a productive zone that you don’t want to interrupt. < Besides, you can watch reruns of He-Man on Hulu while you’re on the clock.
  • Schedule some “me” time. Go into your calendar and block off a period of time for whatever work you need to do without interruption. Treat that time as if it were an important appointment with your boss and consider it non-negotiable. If someone tries to schedule a meeting with you, tell him or her that you’re busy but can try for another time. < Or just schedule some “no meetings” time where you can take a nap.

Seems like lazy and work go hand in hand.

[photo by: greghartmann]

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