8 Lazy Ways To Say You’re Sorry

by Mr. Lazy

man with flowersNobody wants to have to apologize, let alone have to say sorry longer than they have to. Luckily there are some tried and true ways to say sorry without actually having to do much, admit you’re wrong, or actually say more than “I’m sorry”.

  1. Flowers – Nothing says I’m sorry like a piece of your neighbor’s garden. Don’t use their own flowers to apologize for taking their flowers. Or something like that, you get the point.
  2. Cards – You should ideally couple a card with some flowers but writing a note in a cheap card with a cheesy apology is pretty effective on its own.
  3. Completely Admit Defeat – You can give up on any attempt to redeem yourself and admit total failure and take all responsibility. Or just say you do.
  4. Lavish Gifts – It’s expensive but the lazy thing to do if you have money. If you don’t have money, charge it. That’s pretty lazy too.
  5. Just Say You’re Sorry – Low effort, though tends to have low effectiveness. It should be your last lazy effort though, not your first. Otherwise you just look like you’re trying too hard.
  6. Shift The Blame – It wasn’t your fault, but you are sorry it happened anyway.
  7. Chocolate – This usually only works on women. For men, buy them sports tickets or some other form of food.
  8. Cheesy YouTube Video – Find some cute kids laughing or a dancing dog in an email with your apology. The cuteness practically takes care of itself.

Hey, if laziness got you into this mess then by goodness, it can get you out. Crying like a baby also may work but to be only used as a last resort.

[photos by: Lee, Simon]

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