The Easy Way To Do A Self-Evaluation At Work

by Mr. Lazy

businessman walkingThe next time you’re at work and asked to evaluate yourself or do a self-appraisal before you next review make it easier on yourself by following some simple rules. Always talk positively about yourself, except when it comes to your best quality. That’s where you want to low ball yourself since it’s likely that your boss will disagree.

By giving yourself low marks on your strongest quality you’ll accomplish the following.

  1. Make it seem like you’re hard on yourself.
  2. Give your boss a reason to improve your score on one thing and likely a few others too.
  3. Takes the stress off of finding negative aspects of your working habits.
  4. Helps you deflect from the things you are really not good at.

Plus having a set plan for a self-appraisal will also make the entire process a shorter one so you can get back to doing what you do best – being lazy.

[photo by: +fatman+]

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