pug on phoneNo matter where you go around the world these days you are sure to see a smartphone in someone’s hand. For many people it is a must have piece of technology that helps them get through their normal day and so they could not live without it anymore. Smartphones help in so many different ways be it simple like having a calendar on them so you stay on time for everything. Or more complicated such as being able to go online and find all the latest news that has just happened. Smartphones are also used for entertainment and for many this means being able to play games on it, in a world where online casinos are more and more popular it is not surprising to take note that people now play many online casino games on their phones at websites such as http://www.luckynuggetcasino.com/au/online-blackjack.

For many people playing games means going to the app store and searching for something with good reviews that also looks good to you, these can be free but are often quite expensive. However with online casino games you don’t even need to visit the app store, instead you just use your browser to go to a mobile friendly online casino site that you trust. This means that you never have to download anything and you just enjoy your games.

In order to do this all your phone needs to be able to do is go online, this is built in to nearly all modern phones so is not something you should really worry about when buying a phone. Instead if you want to play other types of games you have to think about these specs. With this in mind you should take a look at the HTC One, the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 as these are top of the line phones that will do anything.


people sitting in couchesOne venue where laziness is rewarded is ESPN Zone’s Ultimate Couch Potato competition. Held in Chicago, New York, and Baltimore, the winner of the competition receives a prize package worth more than $4,000, including a customized reclining chair, a gift certificate to buy a fancy new TV, and other prizes that every couch potato dreams of.

The catch? There isn’t one. Competitors just have to out-sit each other on recliners while watching ESPN non-stop. Keeping true to couch potato form, participants can eat and drink as much as they want to. However, they can only go to the bathroom once every 8 hours. 72 hours reclining and watching sports? Sounds like a typical long weekend.

It goes to show that being lazy can’t be all bad.


Feel Like You’re in Vegas Without Actually Leaving Home

Want to go to Las Vegas but too lazy to make travel plans and manage a budget? Lucky you, you can gamble like you’re on the strip from the comfort of your own home. You can plan a party–or not. However, if you’re feeling social then a deck of cards and some friends to play […]

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Lost Seasons 1-5 In 5 Minutes

In case you’ve never watched the show but want to see what all the fuse is about before the Lost series finale, here’s the first 5 seasons in 5 minutes. I’m still looking for a recap of season 6 but that will probably make more sense once the show is wrapped up for good.

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Save Time Looking Up Words With The Dictionary ToolTip Firefox Plugin

dictionary tooltip plugin

Save time looking up words you type or come across in your browser by downloading the Firefox Dictionary Tooltip plugin. The plugin lets you look up the meaning of most English words without switching to a new window. You can do that by either using the key combination of Control + Shift + K or […]

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Limit Firefox’s URL Suggestions To Get More Work Done

awesomebar thumbnail

Firefox has a wonderful feature that suggestions about 10 sites in your url drop down menu to make it easier to surf the Web. Firefox learns what you click most and where you most often navigate to. The problem is that the suggestion bar can make it difficult to work since every time it drops […]

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The Easy Way To Do A Self-Evaluation At Work

business man walking thumbnail

The next time you’re at work and asked to evaluate yourself or do a self-appraisal before you next review make it easier on yourself by following some simple rules. Always talk positively about yourself, except when it comes to your best quality. That’s where you want to low ball yourself since it’s likely that your […]

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8 Lazy Ways To Say You’re Sorry

man with flowers thumbnail

Nobody wants to have to apologize, let alone have to say sorry longer than they have to. Luckily there are some tried and true ways to say sorry without actually having to do much, admit you’re wrong, or actually say more than “I’m sorry”. Flowers – Nothing says I’m sorry like a piece of your […]

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6 Tips For Lazy Workers

sleeping on the job thumbnail

CNN gives some tips for lazy workers to get ahead although they really seem like ways for lazy workers to get even lazier. The name of this site is Be Lazier so I guess it’s a perfect match. E-mail can wait. No, really, it can. You don’t have to answer an e-mail the moment it […]

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H1N1 May Kill You But A Good Excuse For A Week Off

swine flu thumbnail

According to MSN, you can take the hysteria about the swine flu (H1N1) and use it in your favor to take up to a week off from work. Even if you’ve already called in “sick” this flu season, fudging the truth with some H1N1 might give you the time you need for a break or […]

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