HideTab Firefox Extension A Good Way To Be Shady and Lazy At Work

hidetab firefox plugin thumbnail

Discretely waste time on the Internet by automatically hiding your time-wasting Firefox tabs with the great little plugin, HideTab. The plugin lets you select which (or all) of the Firefox tabs you want to hide so the next time your boss walks by he won’t notice you surfing science-fiction websites or reading the latest sports […]

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Naps Good For Your Heart Lazy Heart Too

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We know now that napping helps improve memory, keeps children from getting fat, and that daydreaming can help your creativity. According to Real Age being lazy and taking a nap can also lower the amount of calcium deposits in your arteries. In fact, getting an ideal amount of sleep could help keep plaques from forming […]

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How Laziness Costs You And How To Pay It Back With Laziness

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Laziness is usually a great way to save money but Forbes Magazine published an article over the summer about how laziness is costing you. Forbes’ solution is to do more work to but of course the easiest and best solution is to get lazier. You see, working hard and then being lazy is costly, but […]

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Mislabel Your Keys For Better Home Security

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You can increase the security of your home easily by labeling your keys incorrectly. Attaching the label “shed” to your house key will frustrated anyone who finds the keys you’ve lost or takes them from you. Atworst you’ll have some added time to replace the locks. If you are unfortunate enough to get robbed, mislabeling […]

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A Cheap Sprinkler

a cheap sprinkler

Looks pretty easy to set up too. [photo from: ThereIFixedIt.com]

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Avoid Embarrassing Blog Title Spelling Mistakes With A Firefox Tweak

blog title spelling mistakes

We’ve all hit ‘publish’ on great and not-so-great blog posts only to read them the next day with misspelled titles. The problem is by the time you’ve caught it yourself a bunch of people have left comments about it and your permalinks are all screwed up. Luckily, Firefox makes adding spell check to input fields […]

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Sitting On A Ball At Work, Good For Your Back Bad For Your Butt


As demonstrated in the video below by technology writer Leo Laporte who sits on one while he records his podcasts. At least he recovered pretty quickly.

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Get Your Lost Cell Phone Back Without Having To Call It

guy on cell phone in bar thumbnail

Save the effort of finding a lost cell phone and make it find you by adding a “!CALL IF LOST” entry on your contacts list. That way the next time you’re plastered in a bar your entire family, friends, and that old booty call won’t get woken up by a good samaratin bartender. Make sure […]

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Peel Bananas Like Monkeys, The Banana Experts

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Monkeys know a thing or two about opening banana peels and their technique will make you realize you’ve been doing it backwards all along. Bananas are one of the easiest healthy foods to eat which is why they make a perfect snack for couch potatoes. Of course if you feel like eating something else (although […]

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3 Workouts For Your Neurons Without Reading Or Thinking Too Much

green brain

Sure reading and learning can be a real power boost for your brain, but it’s also a major drag on your slacking off. Basically since your brain is lazy too and gets more efficient doing things over and over, a few tweaks here and there can keep your mind sharp. Hack Your Brain By Switching […]

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